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Just like T4 Desktop, T4 Mobile for iOS is highly customizable. You can access the T4 Mobile for iOS settings from almost every screen in the application. Simply select the "Settings"Image Located in the upper right of the window.
In fact, many of the configurable options you will find in T4 Mobile for iOS are the same options you are used to in our desktop application.

Please see the next section for some helpful hints on how to get the most out of T4 Mobile for iOS.

How Do I? Change My Password in T4 Mobile for iOS Changing your password in T4 Mobile for iOS is easy. Simply find the option on the General section of the settings. Change how order submission are confirmed Navigate to the Tap2Trade settings General>Order Confirmation.

Tip: Remember that T4 user accounts are shared between all of our applications. Changing your password in T4 Mobile for iOS will change it everywhere.

Tip: Unlike our desktop application,T4 Mobile for iOS automatically saves your configuration changes on the fly. You will not find a "save" button in T4 Mobile for iOS.

TIP:Scroll Positions are Remembered The quote board, positions, order and fills screens now all remember their current scroll positions for the current session. Each page of the quote board and each filter of the other screens all remember their scroll positions separately. Let me know if you agree with this info being lost on logoff because changing it is easy.

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