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CTS Futures
The contract window is very similar to the T4 Desktop application.


  1. Select “Settings” to change your options for the contract window.
  2. To quickly change the month or to pull up a spread market click the edit month icon just to the left of the Settings.
  3. Tap the column heading to change gradient direction on the Total, History, Bid, and Offer columns.
  4. Long-press-drag a column header to drag the column to a new location.
  5. Double-select in the price column to center the depth display, or you can tap the center the market button (when smooth scrolling).
  6. Tap in the Bid and Offer columns to submit orders.
  7. Tap on the orders in the My B, My O columns to cancel orders.You can Long-press-drag orders in the My B, My O columns to revise orders.
  8. Tapping this will take you back to the Quote Board Window.
  9. Order volume can be changed by tapping on the volume to bring up the Order Volume window.

  1. Lot Size Tap the + - to set the number of lots you want to enter.
  2. Volume Bar is convenient for quick volume changes. Tapping on the x,y,z provide fixed number configurations.
  3. You can choose between sum and chain mode.
    When the button is selected or blue it is in ImageSum mode: clicking 2, 2, 2 = 6
    When the button is not selected or white it is in ImageChain mode: clicking 2, 2, 2 = 222.
  4. Cancel Clicking the C will clear out the current selected quantity.

Trading Toolbar
    Limit orders are the default.Tapping on the L button will bring up the order type toggle window. You can choose between L-Limit order, S-Stop Market, SL Stop Limit, Or M- Market order. When you tap on an option other than the limit it will replace the limit as the next order type to be selected.

    Image Trailing Order toggle. When orange, the next order submitted will be a trailing order. The number of tics away from the best bid/offer is how many tics your order will trail the market. For example if you are working a 5 tic trailing stop and the market rallies 3 tics, your order will move up 3 tics. But, on this same order if the market were to then drop 2 tics your stop would remain at its previous price.
    Image GTC – Good Till Cancel When orange the next order submitted will be a GTC order.
    Image Pulls all working orders for the current market, for the currently trading account.
    Image Pull on Flatten. Pull on Flatten attempts to pull all working orders prior in particular market prior to flattening an open position using the flatten tool. Note: When you enable the Pull on Flatten it will display a red box around the button to indicate you are using the Pull on Flatten not Flatten. This can be enabled in the Tap2Trade under order controls.
    Image Flatten Button This will flatten your current position by clicking the Flatten Position button. A market order will be submitted on the opposite side of your position with a volume up to your Max Clip Size. In cases where your net position is greater then your max clip size it may take multiple attempts to completely flatten your position.
    The market position is now laid out horizontally and UPL and RPL are now options to display there as well (very last settings in Tap 2 Trade).


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