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We have brought our desktop charts to our T4 for iOS Mobile App!

To switch from a contract ladder to a chart simply tap the contract/chart icon located in at the bottom right of the window.


Tip- Currently to open a chart from the Quotes page requires you to double tap the contract icon to open a chart.

Chart Overview


  1. This area displays your account, P&l & availible cash.
  2. Tap here to change your chart profile.
  3. Tap here to change your time interval.
  4. Tap here to enalbe trading from the chart.
  5. This is the last traded price.
  6. Tap here to reload the chart.

Logging In
Getting Around
Contract Window
Switching Accounts
Configuring Charts
Add and Remove Studies
Scrolling and Zooming
Trading from Charts
Limit Order on Charts
Stop Order on Charts

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