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CTS Futures
To change your active trading account select the account you wish to use from the "Account" drop-down box.

Your cash, account equity and P&L for the current trading session are displayed to the right of the "Account" drop-down The account status indicator provides a color indication of your current trading ability. If this indicator is green, this in you are within your risk parameters. If this indicator is red, this means you reached your risk limit in some category. You still trade out, or liquidate your position.

The connection indicator light tells you whether the T4 WebTrader system is connected to the server. If this light is green, means the connection is good. If this light is red, this means that you have lost connection to the server. If you have lost connection:

1. First, log off the T4 WebTrader system and try and log back in. If this does not fix the issue, go to step 2.

2. Confirm your internet connection is working by using your internet browser to go to the following website: http://www.google.com

3. Search for any topic in Google.

4. If you get search results, but T4 WebTrader still does not work, then please contact your firm administrator.

5. If you are unable to search on Google then your internet connection is probably down. You can try powering dsl router or cable modem for 30 seconds then powering it back on. You can also try rebooting your pc. If these not help then you should contact your internet provider's technical support.

This icon is displayed when sounds are turned on.

This button allows you to create your own workspace for T4. If you click this icon, you will see a menu bar which allows add windows to your front end. If you close any of your windows then you can always open them again from here.

This button brings up the Settings window for T4 WebTrader, which allows you to configure colors, sounds, charting, change your password. This button will allow you save your current T4 WebTrader layout.

This button will log you out of the T4 WebTrader application. We strongly recommend using the log off button, instead

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