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All - shows any fills, canceled orders, open orders, or anything else that was done for that trading session.

  • Filled - shows only your filled orders.

  • Working - shows only your working orders.

  • Canceled - shows only orders that were canceled.

  • Held - shows only orders that are held pending execution, such as Activation orders and other complex order
    types that can be entered through the professional T4 desktop application.

  • Rejected - shows only orders that were rejected, for example if risk management limits were exceeded or if the
    market is closed.

Each view shows the same information about an order. You can click on the column in order to sort by the field.

  • - Clicking this displays the Order Details window that shows you the individual fills and history of that

  • - Clicking this will pull your working order. A confirmation window is displayed before the order is pulled.

  • - Clicking this will display the Revise Order ticket for the order. You can revise the price and quantity of the
    order. Once you select a new price and/or quantity, click on the Revise button. You can also pull the order by
    clicking the Pull Order button. Clicking Cancel will close the order ticket without making any changes to your

  • Submit Time - shows you the time that the order was created (U.S. Central Time).

  • Market - shows the name of the market the order is in.

  • Buy/Sell - whether the order is to buy or to sell.

· Volume - shows you the total volume of the order and how much of it has filled. For example, if it says 3/5, this is telling you that you submitted a 5 lot order, and 3 were filled.

  • Order Type - shows the type of order you submitted and the price. For example, if you entered a limit order
    with a price of 120050, you will see L:120050 in this column. If you enter a stop order you will see S:120050. If
    you enter a GTC order, you will see L:120050 GTC

  • Fills - shows you the price and quantity that the order was filled at. If you entered a limit order of buy 5 @
    120050 and 3 were filled at 120025, which is a better price, and 2 were filled at 120050, it will display as
    3@120025, 2@120050.

  • Status - shows the current status of the order. For example if the order was completely filled, it will say
    Completed, Filled. If the order was only partially filled, it will say Partially Filled.
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