Main Toolbar

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Changing the account you are trading with:

1. Tap the  arrow in the account drop down box

2. Select an account from the pop up box

3. Tap the “Done” button.


The next portion of the toolbar displays your cash and P&L for the current trading session.

The account status indicator provides a color indication of your current trading ability. If this indicator is green, this indicates you are within your risk parameters. If this indicator is red, this means you reached your risk limit in some category. Call your clearing firm if you have questions regarding your risk parameters.

The connection indicator light tells you whether the T4 Mobile system is connected. If this light is green, this means the server is up and running and the connection is good. If this light is red, this means the server itself has lost connection, or the iPhone has its lost connection to the server. If the light is orange, this means the iPhone is receiving a weak signal. If you have lost connection, you will receive a “Warning” pop up box indicating that your connection with the server has been lost.

To restore your connection first, tap the “Attempt to Reconnect” button. If the iPhone does not reconnect, log off, and log back on.

The “Logout” button will log you out of T4 Mobile.

The four buttons: “Account”, “Orders”, “Quotes”, and “Setup” allow you to navigate to different windows within T4 Mobile.