Enhanced Grouping

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To create a group on the QB, right-click a row, and from the Create Group(s) sub-menu, choose one of the 4 options:


  1. "For This Row” – Creates a new group for the selected row.
  2. "By Exchange” – Places rows in groups by exchange (any existing group setup is lost).
  3. “By Contract” – Places rows in groups by contract (any existing group setup is lost).
  4. “By Expiry” – Places rows in groups by expiry date (any existing group setup is lost).

    Once one or more groups are created, rows can be moved within or between groups by simply drag-dropping them.

    If the QB is grouped, a new menu item appears to clear the grouping.


    Groups can be renamed and assigned colors. Right-click on the group header row and click Rename Group to open the Customize Group dialog window.



    Simply enter a new name and/or choose a new color.


    To remove a single group, simply drag the rows it contains into a new group. The group will disappear when the last row is removed from it.

Groups can be moved relative to each other using the buttons on the right side of the group row (circled above).

If the user clicks a column caption to sort rows, the rows are sorted within the groups.

If multiple tabs are used, each tab remembers it’s grouping and sorting and all this is saved/restored with user settings as well.