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Page Revision: 2016/08/23 13:16

The Fast Board's column layout is fully customizable. Drag the column header to move, drag the column header side border to resize. The below columns can be added or removed by going to the Fast Board Properties.


To configure how you want to filter or sort these categories you do that by going to the main properties window under Options>Fast Board > Views.

  • Activity Level
  • AVPT
  • Bid
  • Bid Edge
  • Bid Volume
  • Delta
  • Excahnge Template
  • Gamma
  • Last Trade
  • Last Trade Time
  • Last Trade Volume
  • Market Description
  • NetEdge
  • NetEdge$
  • OEG
  • OET
  • OEV
  • Offer
  • Offer Edge
  • Offer Volume
  • Template
  • Theoretical The theoretical value of the strategy. Left clicking in the theoretical value will open a contract window for the strategy. Note if it does not show a value but instead says create a series or configure Months vols simply right click on the market and choose model management to create a series or configure the months vols.
  • Theta
  • Theta$
  • TTC
  • TTV
  • Vega
  • Vega$
  • Weighted Delta

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