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Original text

Original text

Click “Chart Data” button to open new window:


NOTE: This is available on our Core+Charting Package. The Advanced Data package is not required.

When opened the Chart Data window looks like this:


Everything about this window is “live”. All the data updates live.

Columns can be hidden/restored by clicking the Image button. The data as a whole can be exported using the export toolbar button. The price format can be changed by clicking the drop down menu and select from Price, Tick Value and Cash. The data can be sorted, by clicking the column headers.

TIP: Column display and data sort are not preserved, when switching studies the grid reverts back to the defaults.

When exporting the data to file or clipboard (for pasting into Excel), what you see is what you get… e.g. if the data is sorted, columns re-arranged or hidden, price format changed, etc. that is how the data gets exported.

If rows are selected, just those rows or a single cell can be copied to the clipboard using a right-click context menu.


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