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CTS Futures
Add contracts to the quote board by selecting the “Add Contract” button at the top of the screen. The nearest expiry market for the selected contract is added to the quote board.
Tip: Long-press a market to open an option menu.

TIP:You select chart from the option menu to bring up a Chart. Click here for to go to the charting user guide.

Select “Change Market” button to open the Market Picker. Select “Add Next Expiry” to add the next expiry month for the contract directly after this one. To remove the row from the quote board select the “Remove” button. The quote board supports multiple pages. A page indicator appears near the bottom of the screen to indicate which page you are on. To change between pages swipe from left to right. To add or remove a page while displaying the quote board, select the action bar menu and select “Add Page” or “Remove Page.”

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