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The Orders tab displays the orders for the currently selected account. The orders can be filtered by opening the Navigation Drawer and selecting one of the following filters; “All,” “Active,” “Open,” or “Flat.” The title at the top of the screen changes to reflect what orders are being displayed. Select “Trade Contract” to open the contract window for the order’s market. Select “Pull Order” to cancel the order.


  • All: All orders. This is an unfiltered view.
  • Filled: Orders that have been partially or completely filled.
  • Working: Orders currently working in the market. Working orders are orders that have not been completely filled or canceled. At least some of their volume is still waiting to trade.
  • Canceled: Orders that have been canceled by you or the exchange. These orders are completed and no longer working.
  • Held: Held Orders are orders being held on T4 servers awaiting submission to the Exchange.
  • Rejected: Orders that have been rejected for one reason or another. Rejection could be due to Risk Management or the Exchange. Read the order Status for more information.

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