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Getting Around T4 Mobile for Android

We designed T4 Android to be easy for you to get around. Simply swipe your finger left to right starting at the edge of the screen to open the navigation drawer. T4 Android only supports viewing/trading a single account at a time. To change your account, simply tap the account name at the top of the navigation drawer.

Tip: You can also simply tap the icon in the upper left hand
corner of the screen to pop the navigation drawer open.

Some screens in T4 Android can be filtered. Positions, for example, can be filtered to only show you open or active positions. To change the filter for screens that support it, simply tap the filter button on the navigation drawer and select the filter that you want. T4 Android will always remember your filter selection making it easy to return to by simply clicking the name of the screen.

  1. Tap here to easily choose between different Quote pages that you have created.
  2. Tap here to filter your positiions view.
  3. Tap here to filter your orders view.

Tip: There are two ways to log out of T4 Android.
Choose the "Log Out" option in the application menu,
or simply click the back button on your device
from any of the main screens.

Once logged in you will see navigation tabs located at the bottom of the screen. These tabs allow you to easily navigate without having to go through the Navigation Drawer. You can repeatedly tap a tab to cycle through the pages/filters. For example, if you are on the quote board, tapping the Quotes tab will show you the next quote board page. For the “Last Market” tab, tapping cycles between ladder and chart.


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