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CTS Futures
The contract window is very similar to the T4 Desktop application.
  • Select “Settings” to change your options for the contract window.
  • Select column heading to change gradient direction on the Total, History, Bid, and Offer columns.
  • Long-press-drag a column header to drag the column to a new location.
  • Double-select in the price column to center the depth display (when smooth scrolling.)
  • Select the Bid and Offer columns to submit orders.
  • Select orders in the My B, My O columns to cancel orders.
  • Long-press-drag orders in the My B, My O columns to revise orders.
  • Order volume change be changed either by selecting on it on the screen, or by using the device volume buttons (see Settings to turn device volume buttons on/off)
  • Device volume buttons can be set to increment by 10 (see Settings) and then can be fine-tuned by selecting the volume control on the screen.

Trading Toolbar
  • The S, SL and M buttons are now a single drop-down button.
  • On smaller screens, the Pull and Flatten buttons are now on the same row.
  • On really small screens the pull and flatten buttons do not appear.
  • The market position is now laid out horizontally and UPL and RPL are now options to display there as well (very last settings in Tap 2 Trade).
  • Additionally, the market positions can just be hidden altogether if someone wants the screen space.


To quickly change the month or to pull up a spread market click the edit month icon circled in red to change the month. To pull up a chart click on the charting icon circled in yellow.

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