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CTS Futures
All of the Order Confirmation settings are located in the Tap 2 Trade category:
To enable trading on the chart use the provided toggle button.
TIP: There are configuration options in the chart profile for how orders and fills are displayed Configuration/acct settings

The charts contain a tool bar at the top that behaves the same way as the ladder.
  • You can select a quantity by taping on the qty box a number picker will come up to pick a quantity.
  • The Trailing(T), GTC, Stop (S),Stop limit(SL) and Market(M) buttons are now a single drop-down button.
  • On smaller screens, the Pull and Flatten buttons are now on the same row. In this image above they are located to the right
  • On really small screens the pull and flatten buttons do not appear.
  • The market position is now laid out horizontally and UPL and RPL are now options to display there as well (very last settings in Tap 2 Trade). Additionally, the market positions can just be hidden altogether if someone wants the screen space.

TIP: If the Tap 2 Trade order confirmation is set to none, a new Tap 2 Trade option appears called “Safe Prompting on Chart” (on by default). Here is what it does: If you quick tap in the trading margin of the chart you will be prompted to confirm the submission. If you drag-submit an order then you won’t be prompted.

If you tap the order indicator on the chart it will change to full detail:

The full detail goes away after a few seconds, or when other interaction happens on the chart.

If there are multiple order indicators overlapping, tap in that area and it will cycle to the next.

Long-press drag to revise an order just like the ladder.

Cancel orders using the cancel button on the full order detail.

TIP: If you adjust the price scale in trading mode (zoom or scroll it), the depth will not display until the scale is returned to automatic mode.

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