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CTS Futures
With the charting on the T4Android mobile app you can create and edit multiple profiles with ability to quickly change between the profiles.

While in the chart you can click your settings in the upper right select Manage chart profiles

What ever profile is listed first will be your default profile and any new chart will come up with that profile, if you change a profile on a specific market it will remember the profile you last had on it.
To create a new profile simply click add a new profile which is a the plus located at the top right, a dialog box will come up to give it a unique name and select ok.


Once your profiles are created you can easily copy, rename or delete a profile by long pressing to bring up a menu to edit the profile, or just tapping the profile will bring up the menu.
TIP:You can easily change the order of your profile by swiping up or down on the handles located to the right of the profile and use your finger to drag it to the order you want it.

Tip You can easily remove a profile by swiping to the left and you will be prompted to delete the profile permanently

Your profiles can easily be changed on the chart by clicking the drop down with your profile name and from there you can select your profile and change it.


Tip any changes made on the chart will automatically be saved to the selected profile, so if you add a study or change it to a tick chart it will automatically be there when you log back in and go to that profile.

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