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CTS Futures
To enable the Cross hairs simply click the cross hair icon located on your chart

TIP:When the crosshairs are enabled the outline of the cross hair icon will change from blue to orange to let you know you selected it.

TIP:to get the high and low for the corresponding bar highlighted by the cross hairs to display just like it does in the desktop version, you need to make sure that you have display high price and low price enabled in the bar settings located in the configure chart.

Once the crosshairs are enabled double tapping the chart will not reset the chart. To reset the chart you can tap in the time scale, or tap the scale reset button in the bottom right corner (just like the Desktop version)


With the cross hairs toggled on, the behavior changes. You can zoom and scroll the price scale and it will stay where you put it. You can reset it by double-tapping the price scale. When you toggle the cross hairs off, the price scale should snap back to auto mode.

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