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The T4 Android Charts are easy to configure
To change the current month of the chart you can click the edit month icon circled in red above and it will bring up the edit month menu.
To go back to the depth ladder for your selected market click the yellow icon to change back to the depth ladder.
From within the edit month menu you can change the outright month or change it to a spread. You can also quickly turn on the continuation chart from here. simply tap on continuation and and tap on active to turn on the continuation chart.
TIP: For more information on continuation charts click here to go to the Data and Continuations section of the guide.

Once your chart is displayed you can configure your chart by Going to your settings located in the upper right and select Configure Chart.

TIP:To see how to add, remove or configure your studies please click here to see the Studies section of the setup.

TIP: You can also create a continuation chart See Data and Continuations

Click the general tab to bring up your general settings.
Now your are in the general settings.Here is where you can make general changes to the look of your selected chart profile.
Tip: at the bottom of the configure chart is Time scale, this allows you to set how much space in % to leave between the current bar and the right edge of the chart.

Next in the configure chart settings is the Account settings, here is where you can choose how to display orders and fills.
  • First is the Display orders simply tap the display orders and a dialog will come up to allow you to always display your orders or only when trading.
  • Second and third is the Display fills and Display Avg fill price, simply tap the display fills and a dialog will come up which allows you to choose never, Trading, or always.

Last is the Bars section. From here you can configure you can select the type of bars you want to display. In the first option click on the Bar type and you will be given a dialog to choose from Candle stick, OHLC Bar, Line, HLC Bar.
You can also select your rising and falling color by clicking on the color as well as the line width. This area also allows you to choose whether or not you want to display your summaries as well as the price display.
TIP: For all configurations of the profile you are in the changes are saved automatically to that profile

Once your chart is configured we have made it very easy to to change your chart time interval. Located at the top of your chart to the right of your profile. Simply click the Time interval and dropdown will appear that allows you to quickly change the time interval. Selecting Custom brings up a dialog to make more advanced time interval changes.
TIP: The Advanced data package is required for any interval below a minute. To find out more about the Advanced data package Click here to see our version comparison guide..

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