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In the early stages of development we ask that developers make use of the license provided in our examples. This allows access to some Dummy markets so that you can subscribe for quotes and submit orders. To access real markets, such as the CME, you have to request a Simulation license code.

To request production live and/or Simulator license codes please provide the following information to YOUR CLEARING FIRM. Your clearing firm is then required to provide with their informal approval and the details you have provided.

Live FirmThe live firm used as part of user authentication.
Live UsersAll Live users that require access to this application. Configuration of Live users will be completed by your broker or FCM. CTS is not permitted to configure Live users.
Sim FirmThe Simulation firm used as part of user authentication.
Sim UsersAll Simulation users that require access to this application.
ApplicationName of your application. This needs to be unique across our system so it should be prefixed with your company initials or similar. Please do not include "T4" or "CTS" or "Cunningham" in your application name.
DeveloperName of the developer or person responsible for the application.
EmailEmail address for the developer
PhonePhone number for the developer

You will then be provided with a license code that your application will need to use every time it logs in. Please note that the license code will be different for the Live and Simulator systems.

If you are creating multiple applications then you should request a license for each application. If your application causes the system problems (e.g. excessive load) then we may be forced to disable it.

We strongly encourage developers to create a single application to satisfy all of their needs. Same as our front-end sits on a single instance of the API and yet offers many different types of functionality. Running multiple applications increases bandwidth usage and overall overhead on our system.

To connect your application to T4 you would need to establish an SSL connection to the appropriate system below:

Simulator Chart Datafix-chart-sim.t4login.com10443
Live Chart Datafix-chart.t4login.com10443

We have the following IP address ranges:

Internap - EQ-CER Range: /24 Mask:

CenturyLink - EQ-CER Range: /24 Mask:

Our applications use port 80 & 443 on any of those IP’s. From a domain name perspective then you need *.t4login.com, *.sim.t4login.com and www.ctsfutures.com open.

If your proxy requires authentication then you will need to allow T4 to bypass it as the Microsoft .Net Framework we use doesn’t support authenticating proxy servers. If your proxy doesn’t require authentication then T4 should work fine, but if it doesn’t then the simplest solution would be to bypass the proxy if that is possible.
We don’t enable ping or tracert across our entire system. You can ping It is a device on the edge of our network.

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