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All messages (administrative or application) are preceded by a Standard Header. In addition to providing the identification of FIX Session participants, the Standard Header identifies the Message Type (Tag 35), Message Length (Tag 9), Origination times (Tag 52 and Tag 122) and Message Sequence order (Tag 34). The Standard Header also offers additional information on FIX Session authentication, resent messages, duplicated messages and message routing and delivery.

Standard Header Dictionary

TagField NameReq'dComments
9BodyLengthYLength of Current Message
35MsgTypeYMessage Type
49SenderCompIDYT4 Firm Name (outbound from FIX API server). T4 Application Name (inbound into FIX API server).
56TargetCompIDYT4 Application Name (outbound from FIX API server). T4 Firm Name (inbound into FIX API server).
90SecureDataLenNLength of SecureData (Tag 91) field. Used only in Login Message.
91SecureDataNT4 application license code. Used only in Login Message.
34MsgSeqNumYSequence number of current message
50SenderSubIDNT4 User/Trader Name. Message originator. Conditionally required for non-administrative messages when in Multi-Trader mode.
57TargetSubIDNT4 User/Trader Name. Message originator.
43PossDupFlagN"Y(es)" or "N(o)" Flag that indicates possible retransmission of message with this sequence number
97PossResendN"Y(es)" or "N(o)" Flag that indicates that the current message may contain information that has been sent under another sequence number
52SendingTimeYTime of message transmission - This is the UTC time the message is built within the CTS FIX API server.
122OrigSendingTimeNOriginal time of message transmission when transmitting orders as the result of a Resend Request - expressed in UTC (Universal Time Coordinated)
369LastMsgSeqNumProcessedNThe last Sequence Number (Tag 34) value received by the T4 FIX API

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