Enabling an Application

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Enabling a T4 application license and having it assigned to a user:

A user must have their firm T4 administrator add a T4 license (by name) to their T4 userid.

User asks their firm to have access to "XY_GenericApp".

If the firm has "XY_GenericApp" in their list the T4 admin assigns it to the T4 user and the user is ready to login.

If the firm does not have "XY_GenericApp" in their list they (the firm administrator) must make an informal request via email to support@ctsfutures.com along the lines of: "Hey guys can you please add XY_GenericApp to our firm so that I can assign it to a user." We will add the license and notify the firm.

The firm will then assign "XY_GenericApp" to the T4 user and the end-user is notified by the firm T4 administrator. Generally not by CTS unless requested by the firm.