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Session Termination

The Logout message requests or indicates the termination of a FIX session. The logout initiator should wait for a response and/or confirmation to the logout condition. This will permit the counterparty to gently close its connection and honor a potential message gap-fill.

If the T4 FIX API server initiates a Logout, an issuing physical disconnection will follow. When possible, the T4 FIX API will provide information on the nature or cause of the termination. If the client sends a Logout message, no more messages should be sent by the client.

Under normal operating conditions, the client requests a logout and the T4 FIX API server honors the request. A physical disconnection without an exchange of Logout messages is considered an abnormal condition.

Failed Authentication

To start a new FIX session, the T4 FIX API will need to reach successful authentication of the client's Logon message. To provide as much information as possible, a failed authentication is responded (by the T4 FIX API) with a Logout message.

A new FIX session (with sequence numbers reset to 1) will be required after the receipt of a Logout message and its subsequent physical disconnection.

Message Dictionary

TagField NameReq'dComments
Standard HeaderYMsgType = 5
58TextNFree format text string. Contains information related to the cause of the logout.
Standard TrailerY

Sample Message

Client request to logout:


[MsgSeqNum] 34 = 2
[SenderCompID] 49 = CTS
[TargetCompID] 56 = T4Example
[SendingTime] 52 = 20120904-22:13:57.789

Server Response:

34=2|49=T4Example|56=CTS|50=T4FIX|52=20120904-22:13:57.789|58=Successful logout upon request|

[MsgSeqNum] 34 = 2
[SenderCompID] 49 = T4Example
[TargetCompID] 56 = CTS
[SenderSubID] 50 = T4FIX
[SendingTime] 52 = 20120904-22:13:57.789
[Text] 58 = Successful logout upon request

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